I am a parent of 4 children and of 3 Kiki has mentored and coached. We first met Kiki through a local basketball camp. I have used Kiki for 3 years for all 3 of my children She is a stellar individual. I myself have played college basketball, and have coached middle school and high school basketball. Its great to see character and discipline, hand in hand with a player that not only tries to step up her game but teach those younger her experience. Kiki, is very motivated and knows the game of basketball. She has included technique, agility, work and physical training in her coaching with my kids. My kids loved her. I believe because I played and because I coached I am very picky with who I choose to coach my kids. The reason is because a coach can have all the power to ruin a kids play in sports. I not only look at experience, I look at personality and how one distinguishes oneself. I approved of Kiki. Today, these kids still playing basketball and their level of play is high due to Kiki. I would and still highly recommend Kiki. Thank You, - Pauline Kendall
 My son has completed individual training sessions and group training sessions with Kiki. His dribbling, agility and post moves have improved. This school year he received MVP for the Varsity basketball team. My son's team won the national championship in CA for NJB. I highly recommend her improving your child's basketball skills. -Crystal Andreaskis  Kiki is an experienced trainer that communicates with her clients effectively to get the best results. Results are never guaranteed but Kiki makes sure that whoever she is training is working harder than what their mind is capable of. By doing this, great athletes with unbreakable work ethics are formed that succeed on the court and in the classroom. As a player herself, she knows what to do with your athlete in order to prepare them for the next level. - Mackenzie Vincent Paul, 17 Kiki is an amazing basketball trainer! She is very talented and knowledgeable. My kids have learned a lot from her and enjoy working with her. Their skills have increased and developed tremendously during the time they have worked with Kiki. We all admire and respect her. Not only is she a talented basketball player and coach, she is an incredibly caring, dedicated, and hardworking person. She models the basketball and life skills she teaches the children she works with with character, humility, and integrity. Kiki's skills are not only limited to the basketball court. She worked with my son to improve his running skills. After working with Kiki two sessions, my son was able to to reduce the time it takes him to run a mile by over a minute! The running and breathing skills and techniques she taught him helped him have a successful high school track season. Kiki is hard working and driven and never has the kids to work harder than she is willing to work herself. I highly recommend Kiki Locket to any parent with children needing to improve their basketball and athletic skills and character development. - Dawn Hayden
Kiki has been training our son in basketball and basic physical activity. We are very impressed with the knowledge Kiki has regarding the physical training. Kiki has been a mentor, inspirational, and a friend to our son. We watched our son grow in strength, agility and over well-being. Not only is Kiki very knowledgeable of physical conditioning she is very good at working with children. Kiki has a way of reaching the kids on their level, recognizing where they need help, encouraging them to push, and making them feel good overall. Today we see our son running up the large flight of step to school while other children struggle and take a break half way. We highly recommend Kiki for any coaching, physical activity, or mentoring program. - Mark and Melody Riccobono



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